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Project Description
dnnWerk Users is a user management module that greatly helps managing user accounts in DotNetNuke. Built with a rich UI the module gives you ultimate flexibility in managing user accounts and let users manage their profile and or register accounts on your website.


Documentation is work in progress that hasn't started yet. For now just a few basics:

The module can operate in three modes currently:

1. User Management

This mode gives you a management interface for managing user accounts in DNN, just like the user accounts module, only much better

2. User Registration

This mode gives you a templated registration form

3. User Profile

This mode gives you a templated form where the user can manage his profile

Templating in the latter two modes means that you define through templates which profile attributes a user can manage through a single module instance. Even in management mode you use templates meaning you have full control over what users of the modue can manage in the accounts of their users.

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