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User Management Mode

In user management mode the module will operate as a replacement for the core user accounts module basically. Obviously it will give you more possibilities than the user accounts module but that's what its purpose is. Once configured that mode gives you a rich UI that helps you browse user accounts in your DotNetNuke portals.

Depending on your setup there are several key areas to look at in this view:

On the left hand side of the module you will see the ncecessary tools that help you browse and manage accounts. At the top there is the Create Account button that will display the form to create accounts. Further down there is a tab control that gives you a tree view of the roles and rolegroups in DNN and - on the second tab - a few configuration options that allow you to personalize the grid setup and the account fields that the search is doing its job in.

Roles in the roles tree are nested below group nodes once you've setup rolegroups in the security roles module of DNN. Clinking on these nodes doesn't do anything as user accounts are not really related to those groups. As you may know, role groups only help you to visually organize your security roles. Clicking on one of the roles tough will load a list of all users in that given role.

There is one special role node in that tree and that is the virtualized role of Deleted Accounts. Depending on your setup you can hard delete user accounts from within that node after you have soft deleted a user account. Note that you can only hard delete an account once it not used in one of the other portals of your installation.

Once you have loaded a list of users in a role, each of these accounts has an actions menu in the last column form where you can do several things:
  • edit an account, e.g. load the account details
  • delete an account (if enabled in the module settings), this will soft-delete a user from the current portal
  • impersonate an account (only for host accounts visible)

Editing an account will give you a tabbed interface from where you can edit several details for a user account, just like with the default user accounts module. A couple of things to note here:
  • the form fields displayed on the accounts and profile tab are template driven, see the templating guide to learn how to setup templates
  • you can configure which tabs to display through the settings of the module
  • you can extend the tabs by loading your own controls. See extending the user details section.
  • once you edit details or edit role membership, the module will offer you to inform the user of the change. This is by design and gives you control over when an account actually receives notifications. The text that you will see in the the editor before the notification is being sent comes from a static resource that can be edit from with in the resource editor in DNN > Admin > Languages.

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